Our journey begins as a selfless dream from a person whose last wish was to help others.  One whose heart and love was so fierce it motivated those around her to follow in her footsteps.  

“I can’t go yet mum, I haven’t done my charity!”….and that is how it all began.

‘Walking with Elena’ is our name and most important aim.

We are a charity organization whose goal is to provide financial assistance to students with limited economic means who wish to further their studies on to university, thus ensuring themselves a more secure future.

Why did we choose such a task?

Because with every bit of strength that remained in Elena, she hoped and planned to begin her studies in the UK,  therefore through the charity ‘Walking with Elena’ we have taken it upon ourselves to help others fulfil her dream.

But who was Elena?

Elena was one of the most charismatic individuals one could meet.

Born in Larnaca, Cyprus on August 13th, 1994 to Niko and Sophie Mytides, she was the younger of two siblings.  The evidence of an unusually gifted individual manifested from the beginning.  At the very young age of three while attending nursery school her loving and caring character shown by befriending a deaf girl in her class, while other children hesitated.  Her consideration to those around her never ceased to amaze.   Always putting others before herself.

While attending Primary School in Pyla she excelled in all subjects.  It was then that she had her first contact with the arts by joining a dance school. She grew into a beautiful and graceful dancer. 

In 2006 she finished Primary School and continued her education at the American Academy in Larnaca.  There too she excelled.

In 2007 she was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer, which marked her teenage years as a long and painful battle.

Despite unbearable difficulties and numerous medical problems, which included walking difficulties, she persevered.  Due to her strong will power and energetic character, her many talents unfolded.  

One of her greatest talents was music.  Opera was her love, but she was more than perfect in anything she would play on the piano or sing.  (link to video)

Fine art was also a one of her great talents, finding in it a way to express a reality she hid so well behind an angelic face and gorgeous smile. (link to paintings)

These are just a few words to describe a person who was beautiful in every way a person can be beautiful.

The creation of the charity ‘Walking with Elena’ in her memory is a way for her dream to materialize and live on through the people we help.